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About The Book

Leaves on the lines, the wrong kind of snow, and soggy stale sandwiches never really helped British Rail become a brand that was truly loved by the nation. Yet, in 2011 the readers of Creative Review voted British Rail’s ‘double arrow’ as their sixth favourite logo.

This book celebrates the British Rail Corporate Identity in its entirety – not only it’s distinctive symbol but it’s full graphic design programme, from detailed specimens of the famous Rail Alphabet typeface to the livery of the Inter-City 125. With full agreement from the Department of Transport – this iconic manual initially created in 1965 have been published as a new, high specification book.

The nature of the ring binder system used to hold the individual Sheets of the original Manual has meant most, or quite possibly all sets of the Manual were never complete. This publication is the only printed full collection of the British Rail Corporate Identity Manual. Outside of museums, archives and private collections, this is only physical form of the Manual.

Foreword by Michael C Place, Creative Director and Founder of Build. Introduction by Tony Howard, former Head of Design at British Rail.

A 4,000 word interview with Gerry Barney, the designer of the British Rail symbol in 1965 by John Walters, Editor of Eye magazine. Essays from James Greenfield, Creative Director & Founder of Koto and Dr Paul Rennie, published design author and Head of Context in Graphic Design at Central St Martins, London.

The project has been created and edited by Wallace Henning. A London based graphic designer who was influenced by his love for British Rail, background in branding and transport design. The book has been printed with a rare H-UV litho press that dries the ink quicker than traditional methods, resulting in an uncompromised sharper printed image. The uncoated smooth paper has been sourced from Sweden and required special making which ensured that it has a short grain, allowing this 472 page book to lay open easier, giving a more enjoyable read.