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Inter-City 125 Poster – Sheet No. 4/19 + Manual £165.00


Inter-City 125 Poster + one copy of the Manual.

Recently successfully funded on Kickstarter this item is currently taking pre-orders for an April 2018 delivery. Check out all the details and the story here. Please note, the Manual will be shipped within two working days.

With full copyright approval from the Department of Transport, the artwork is a direct reproduction of the 1977 Sheet of the original British Corporate Identity Manual.

- Limited edition run of 125
- Seven colours
- A1 screenprinted
- Hand painted in London

The Inter-City 125, or if you call it the HST (High Speed Train), has been ingrained in Britain's transport from its introduction in 1976. Often revered as one of the most iconic locomotive designs of all time, and is still operating today.

Why seven colours? Every colour in the original British Rail Corporate Identity Manual was printed as a singular spot colour. Sheet No. 4/19 was no exception. Published over 40 years ago in August 1977 depicting the HST, it uses a total of 7 colours. Down to the small dash of red for a light, or the orange used for the connectors. Just as British Rail didn't compromise in the print specification, with your support this poster won't either

Hand printed in London by Dan Mather, you can check out some of his work here. Dan has printed two previous British Rail posters.

The paper Selection of the exact paper stock has not been finalised yet as print tests will need to be run. It will however, be a smooth or semi-smooth acid free stock. The weight will be a choosen based upon what will optimally hold the ink, whilst being suitable for shipping in a large diameter tough tube.

Please not that the will be supplied poster is unframed.

Print Specification

Limited edition

Made in London

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